Investment project on  Northern Van Phong general port – opening phase (in Dam Mon village, Van Thanh commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa) invested by Van Phong Port Co., Ltd., with a total capital of more than 185 billion dong, of which the loan capital from the Khanh Hoa Development & Investment Fund is 86 billion dong, the loan period is 144 months, the interest rate subsidy is 40%. The company has completed construction and officially put into operation the wharf 50,000 DWT, length 250m, width 30m; Capacity of 1.5 to 2 million tons / year from May 16, 2019. A representative of Van Phong Port Limited Company shared that, although it has just been put into operation, so far, the port has received 2 foreign ships calling at the port. These are M.V Skyfrost – PANAMA flag, which is nearly 153m long, with a tonnage of 11,862.4DWT carrying 8,721 tons of frozen tuna, and M.V GREEN WORLD (Under Sea De Way Shipping Agent)- PANAMA flag, with nearly 200m long, 49,673DWT tonnage, loaded 40,000 tons of woodchip for export. The port has also received 10 domestic ships to enter the port.

Reportedly, the volume of goods registered through the port for 2020 – 2021 will reach about 2.5 to 3 million tons. In which, there are 2 big customers: NEW DUC HAI KH CO., LTD (woodchip export company, estimated volume of 200,000 tons / year) and Dong Bac Corporation (coal import and export company; estimated output of 2 million tons / year). In addition, there are a number of other items through the port such as: tapioca starch, cement, construction materials, molasses, seafood, fertilizer, sawn stone, equipment … with an estimated volume of about 1 million ton. The port has been put into operation, creating jobs for 200 laborers. Van Phong Port Co., Ltd pays principal and interest in full and on time. According to information from the investor, the investment project of Northern Van Phong General Port in phase 1 is to build a dock of 50,000DWT, embankment, internal traffic; Phase 2 will invest in building a 70,000DWT dock with a system of warehouses, transport links; The total capacity of goods handled by the port is designed for both periods of 7-10 million tons / year.

Source: Khanh Hoa newspaper